Material: Genuine 22 carat shell gold, Genuine Lapis Lazuli and hand-made pigments.
Size: 360 mm x 310 mm

Blue Biomorph 

Where you find geometry, you will also find biomorph designs. Also known as Islimi (Persian) or Nabati (Arabic) The floral motifs within Islamic art all take direct inspirations from virgin nature. Built upon a geometric backbone, the shapes weave and undulate amongst its underlying structure resulting in a depiction of a heavenly scene belonging to the metaphysical realm.

Where geometry invites to lose yourself in a state of meditation, the biomorph encourages you to follow its stem, lifting you from the earthly realm up into the skies of the heavenly. Where geometry is still, there is a peaceful movement within floral art, it carries you gently, here we witness a partnership, the flux and the still, the silence and the hum, the still ocean with the gentle roll of waves.