Material: Ceramic plate
Size: 280 mm

Flowers of Damascus 

Turkey is famed for Iznik, however Turkey was not the only centre were Iznik ceramics were produced. Damascus was also a manufacturing hub where tiles, plates and other ceramic objects in colours of blue, purple and greens were made. Fine examples of these can be seen in the Leighton House museum here in London.

With that in mind I designed this plate celebrating the flowers typically seen in Syria. Within this plate you will find the Damask Rose, an edible rose renowned for its fine fragrance and oil. There is jasmine, the national flower and emblem of Damascus for the capital is also known as the ‘City of Jasmine’ and finally among the tulips and dotted around the plate you will see small flowers depicting jasmine sambac, an Arabian variation of the typically-seen jasmine plant, it looks like a small rose and is locally known as ‘ful.’