Yasmin Hayat Maksousa attended Central St Martin’s before graduating from her MA at the Prince's Foundation School of Traditional Arts. Inspired by her Syrian heritage, Yasmin Hayat paints using imagery influenced by the regional style of miniature painting and sees herself as a contemporary, modern-day ‘Hakawati,’ the name given to a performing storyteller, once found in the coffee shops of the Middle East. The aim of the Hakawati is to relay meaningful narratives all of which have universal wisdom, only Yasmin Hayat’s medium is visual as opposed to oral.

 Yasmin Hayat sources the majority of her materials from nature. Taking and returning, in a harmonious cycle. She continuously researches and experiments with pigments, creating an array of colours from semi-precious stones, plants and earths. These tactile and luminous colours, which are often chosen due to their relation to the subject being painted, create a dimensional finish which transforms, move and reflect, just like the stories depicted.

 Yasmin Hayat, born 1990, currently lives and works from her studio in South London.


Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours, London, UK, April 2019.
The Chelsea Art Society’s Annual Open Exhibition, London, UK, October 2018
Alumni show, Yuan Centre, Suzhou, China, September 2018
Degree show, Princes Foundation School of Traditional Arts, London, UK, June 2018.
Create for Calais, London, March 2016
Tales of a Genocide, London, October, 2014
Degree Show, Central Saint Martins, 2013