About this body of work:

In her 2018 exhibition ‘For the Love of Damascus’ Yasmin Hayat aims to dispel the negative stigma surrounding Syria, its people and culture. Taking inspiration from contemporary Syrian poets such as Qabbani and Adunis, Yasmin changes the narrative on Syria by celebrating the beauty of her heritage through paintings which showcase Syrian monuments, landscape and folklore.

Yasmin has spent the past two years researching the now forgotten practise of Arabic miniature painting, a style which flourished in Syria, Iraq and Egypt but which was later made famous by the Ottomans and Persians. Using imagery and techniques influenced by these early paintings, Yasmin has reintroduced and reminded us of a Syria rife with literature, culture and art. Yasmin will continue to work using this regional style of painting and has started a body of work exploring the trade routes that run through Syria.


About the artist:

Yasmin attended Central St Martin’s before completing her MA at the Prince's School of Traditional Arts in London. In her latest body of work she looked to Syrian poetry for inspiration; using the imagery in poems as a source for illustrations made in the regional style of miniature painting. Her intention was to conjure a multi-faceted story about Damascus based on her childhood memories and Syrian cultural heritage. She intends to continue to work in this regional style of miniature painting and to work on similar themes.